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          This review is "overdue" (pun definitely intended)! My husband and I attended Samantha's Prenatal Partners Workshop about 6 weeks before our delivery and walked out feeling like we were much more prepared for the big day than we were just a few hours prior. She reviewed different laboring positions and techniques, including a birthing ball, how to use a bathtub, etc. and she taught my husband certain massage techniques to help relieve the pain of contractions. We took a few other birthing classes too, but when it was game time, the things that Samantha taught us were the things that came to mind, and the things that helped the most: by far!


         I labored for 12 hours without any intervention and made use of the birthing ball for a few hours while my husband rubbed my shoulders and helped relieve the pain in my lower back. I leaned against the wall, and my husband and I danced around the room just like she taught us. He was confident, and that confidence made me feel better and the labor process was MUCH easier than I initially anticipated because of this. The thing that sticks out the most, though, was what Samantha taught us about flipping the baby from front-facing to back-facing. After 12 hours I opted to get an epidural (this was in the plan the whole time), and a few hours after that, the nurses told me that the baby was facing the wrong way, and that if she didn't flip, a C-Section may be necessary. I remembered vividly how Samantha told us that doing cat/cow on all fours would help flip a baby who was faced the wrong way and that she, in fact, had done this during her own labor and it worked. Even though I had the epidural, I told the nurses we WOULD be doing this and that I was going to get the baby to flip. Needless to say, they helped me get onto all fours, and within minutes the baby flipped and "C-section" became a word of the past. And I should also mention, the perseverance and strength to dictate my own medical interventions was also something that Samantha imparted onto me, and onto us, during the class. I cannot thank her enough for everything she taught my husband and I. Hands-down we would take this class again in the future with baby #2!


         I also did the labor induction massages (HIGHLY recommended) and took Samantha's prenatal yoga and postnatal "Mommy and Me" yoga classes and both were awesome!


Erin Tice, Pacifica

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