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Acupressure For Childbirth

This class will cover a few key acupressure points taken from Chinese Medicine. We will go over what points to use for weeks 40+ to help encourage relaxation and preparation, points to help with the build-up to active labor to help create calm and focus, and points to help with a few post-partum discomforts like soreness and fatigue. You’ll leave feeling empowered, knowing your body can do what it needs to do with a little encouragement. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to join! 

with Christy

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, for families

Essential oils are more popular than ever, come learn how to use them safely for yourself and your family. Despite their popularity, there are some "do's and don'ts" that every family should learn before using them for their families. Together we will learn how to apply E.O.s, which oils are good for common conditions, and special safety precations for pregnancy and babies. 

with Christy

And Baby Makes Four!

Consider your elder child’s transition into siblinghood.

We will discuss the dynamics of how to make this transition flow easier, and be a celebratory moment in your family’s story.

with Samantha

Baby Signing

Yes, babies can communicate sooner than you think, even before verbal articulation. Learn about this variation of American Sign Language, just for babies. Basic signs include those for eating time, potty time, nap time, and others. Learning these simple signs and teaching them to your baby can reduce baby’s frustration to communicate and let you know what they need.

with Samantha

Back to Work Class

Learn how to return to work while maintaining a breastfeeding relationship. Mock pumping schedules, supply management, pumping rights in the workplace are just a few topics that will be discussed. Babies and childcare providers are welcome!

with Maggie

Banish Anxiety

Learn neuroscience-based tools from NLP, EFT, hypnosis and beyond to retrain your brain for calm.

We all have worries and anxiety, but most people don’t know that they can use their mind and body to quiet anxiety and retrain your brain for calm. It’s never too late to learn these tools and start making the changes you crave. A calm mom and calm parents often means a calmer birth and postpartum period. It doesn’t get easier after baby is born! Give yourself the gift of knowledge and learn a practice that can change your life. Taught by a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

with Erin

BirthDance™: Combining Yoga, Movement & Fun Rhythms!

Join Samantha for a fusion of meditative yoga and moving your hips to fun, rhythms! Prenatal and PostPartum Mamas with pre-crawling babes welcome! Samantha's dance, yoga, doula, and integrative woman's health background will help you to relax and open, and then let your baby help heal your wombs post-partum.

with Samantha

The Birth Companion Guided Visualization

How are you feeling about the birth of your baby and becoming a parent? If you'd like to add more excitement and joy in and a little less worry then this class is for you. This 90 min group hypnosis will be a deep dive into what it means to be a birth companion for those with an expecting partner. You will experience how to embrace your role in the birthing process through guided visualizations and start mentally preparing for the arrival of your baby and beyond.

with Erin

Breastfeeding Support Group for 0 - 4 months

IBCLC will lead a group with Q + A from attendees who are breastfeeding newborns and up to 4months. Topics typically include supply management, pumping around working schedules, eating and sleeping habits for both mom and baby. Any questions are always welcome, as it’s a group let session.

with Maggie

Breastfeeding Support Group for 4 months - 2 years

American Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and continued breastfeeding with an introduction to solids at 6 months- minimally up to 1 year of life. This group is designed to support mothers through the change in habits and provide tools for mothers to breastfeed through babies milestones such as teething and introduction to solids.

with Maggie

Envisioning YOUR postpartum 

I invite all birthing people and their partners to tap into your visual side by joining me for a hands-on class. Come to explore your future postpartum visually and create a keepsake in the process. In this workshop we dig into what we see in the postpartum. No experience necessary. 

wtih Leah

Healthy Mind/ Body Connection. Fertility, Pregnancy & Beyond

Description coming soon

with Erin

Cutting the Cord: Letting Go of Birth Trauma Through Guided Visualizations

If your birth didn't go the way you expected and you find yourself holding on to unhelpful feelings, this group hypnosis will help you release those feelings. Cutting the cord to those feelings will allow you to reframe your experience so that you can move forward toward peace, healing and acceptance. Most participants will gain a lot of benefit from group hypnosis, however, for those needing deeper one-on-one hypnosis, this 90 minute class can be a great introduction into your future work.

with Erin

Holding Your Babe

To Hold, or Not to Hold? That is the question...

How many gadgets are there on the market encouraging separation from our babes? Save money, and follow research-based, and the Ancient Traditional Wisdom of Holding Your Babe....

We will review the benefits, scenarios, and the outcomes of held babies. 

with Samantha

Honoring Thy Womb

In the life of a woman, she will experience life, loss, grief, joy, love and sadness. Join us in creating a
group of Wombmyn…sharing our experiences, processing through the losses, the pain, the joy and the
ecstasies through the written word, visual expression, ceremony and movement.

with Samantha

Homeschooling, Allowing Family to be Our Children’s Center:

The Possibilities for Now and the Future

Children learn through play, love, and laughter and being in our arms how to be self-assured, loving
Citizens of the World. Join us for a discussion of what is homeschooling, how to homeschool, whether it
is a fit for now or the future. We will discuss the simplicity, the abundant social aspects, and the
legalities of homeschooling and more!

with Samantha

How to Have a Calm & Confident Birth

Learn Mind-Body Approaches to prepare the mind and body for a calm and confident birth.

Learn tools from Hypnobirthing and other mindfulness birthing approaches that allow you to have a calm and confident mind so that you can birth in the way that is best for you and baby. You will learn about the mind-body connection, about the fear-tension-pain cycle in birth, and how to prepare your body and mind so that you can feel calm and confident however you choose to birth. Taught by a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

with Erin

Hypnosis, Intro: A Parent’s Tool of Change

There is a reason people have problems losing weight, have anxiety, can't get rid of bad habits or whatever else is holding them back from being who they really are.  The reason is that no one ever teaches us how to use our brains and minds to let go of all worries, change our habits of body and mind, and get curious about who we are and who we want to be.


This class will introduce you to the tools you need to make changes in your life and be free to be who you really are, changing and growing each day.

with Erin


HypnoBirthing prepares the mind in order to prepare the body for a comfortable and calm birth. It is as much a philosophy as a it is a method or practice for birthing. The HypnoBirthing philosophy is based on the premise that with the right preparation and information, a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby and having a healthy pregnancy is able to have a comfortable and gentle birth. This is accomplished through:

Getting the right info about your body, your baby's body and birth

Preparing the mind through fear release and relaxation techniques

Preparing the body by practicing breathing and positions.

with Erin Acharya

Tools for HypnoBirthing: Instinctive Birth

Birth can be a calm and beautiful experience, despite what you’ve heard. If you know that there must be a better way, then you are right! If you are interested in having a calm and instinctive birth or would like to learn more about it, then this class is for you.

with Erin Acharya

Infant Potty Training, Intro

This class discusses how to tune into your child’s cues, allowing your little ones to become in tune with
their body’s rhythms. If you are wanting to save diapers, lessen laundry, and help support your little one
in being diaper free, sooner, this is the class for you, partner, caregiver, and family.

with Samantha

Returning to Intamacy

 When PostPartum Mamas experience birth, their bodies and brains change. The dynamic of breasts feeding babies, and co-sleeping, is unknown territory for new parents to traverse. How do you find the sweetness of intimacy as a couple, re-create and continue the integrity of strength, as the nucleus of the family? We will discuss how to navigate this new territory and begin your future together, as loving parents and partners.

with Samantha

Infant Massage Classes for Parents & Caregivers

Is your baby experiencing colic, times of stress and upset, or would you just like to learn a new way to
increase your bond with baby? Bring your towels, blankets, pillows for floor sitting with your favorite
natural/organic oil or lotion and learn how to nurture your baby in a whole new way!
Newborns to toddlers alike will love this class with Moms, Dads, grandparents and caregivers.

with Samantha

Make a Pantry In Preparation for Postpartum

Come talk about preparing your postpartum pantry before the baby. We will sort through the essentials, get organized, and learn some time saving tricks.

with Leah

Mama Mechanics 

Mamahood is a physical activity. The body mechanics (feeding, lifting, carrying etc.) mamas do matter! Come learn proper body mechanics and exercises to prevent common injuries experienced during the postpartum period (back, SI, hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, etc. pain).

with Jen

Mama Self Care: How Stressed Are You? 

Don’t underestimate stress…it is one of the most powerful factors of our health, our child’s health and
our familial health. It is stated among scientific research that mothers of young children lead the most
stressful lives of all. So how can we care for ourselves so we can thrive within this time of our lives?
Come discuss, learn and listen to wise ways that have been time proven.

with Samantha

Mindful Mamas

This ongoing monthly workshop-style class is geared towards the busy and sometimes stressed
out mama or mama-to-be who finds herself frequently being pulled in a myriad of different directions throughout the day-caring for little ones, running a household, and making sure everyone and everything is adequately functioning.  If you can relate to this scenario, this workshop can provide you with new tools to help you slow down, breathe, and regain your sense of presence. 

 Simple and easy-to-use exercises are taught in a group format which can then be practiced at home and in your daily life.  Activities will vary by session, but will include: breathing exercises, guided imagery & meditation techniques, utilizing mantras & intention setting, journaling, collage-making, light movement, and other hands-on activities geared towards connecting us communally as women & mothers but also connecting each of us to our own inner nurturer.

Note: This is an adult female-only workshop

with Lindsay Voyles

From Mothers Milk to the First Bite: Nursing, Weaning & First Foods

From Mother’s Milk to the First Bite: Nursing, Weaning & First Foods with Samantha and Christy
Join us while we discuss and share our experiences, joys, frustrations, and how we transition with our
baby growing, changing and having new needs and wants, combining Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and our Western Practice.

with Samantha and Christy

The Pelvic Floor & Beyond

Come learn about the pelvic floor muscles, conditions commonly associated with them (did you know it is never normal to leak?), and beginning exercises to bring awareness to these important muscles. Session is appropriate for all mamas, including those who are pregnant.

with Jen Kinder

Postpartum Preparation: How to Care for Mama

Based upon the Ancient Traditions of Postpartum Care for Mama; we will discuss how to keep one self healthy, vital, grounded, and ultimately bonded with your babe. Bringing oneself back together, after childbirth, allowing for us to recalibrate to our new life as a parent.  

with Samantha

Power of Play

This hands-on, interactive workshop is all about PLAY, the language of our children. Through focused attention, laughter and play, healthy parent and child attachment can be encouraged and strengthened. Parents will be given an opportunity to explore any limiting beliefs they may hold around childhood play and its significance and discover how to engage in 9 different types of attachment play with their children. Note: Babies & toddlers are required!

with Lindsay

Pre-Birth Bonding Visualization

An evening of guided visualization & coming together to connect with your deepest self & baby.

Is it starting to become real that you will soon have a baby to hold and love? Or perhaps the idea of baby still seems so abstract? However you are experiencing this prenatal period, join us for an evening of connecting with your deepest self and your baby. I’ll give you the secret to how this pre-birth bonding is like nature’s head start program and how it can help you feel empowered in birth. Taught by a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

with Erin

Pregnancy Glow Meditation

If you've discovered your pregnant and have some confusing feelings about being pregnant, giving birth and becoming a parent then this group hypnosis, like a guided meditation, is for you. Join us for an evening of empowering journeys while you connect with your body, your baby and the future with one more in your tribe.

with Erin

Presentation on Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

An informative and psychoeducational presentation on what these conditions are and what mothers and their partners should be aware of.  We will look at various treatment options (medical, herbal, therapy, holistic). Question & Answer session at end of presentation is offered to address any pertinent questions which may arise during the presentation. 

with Lindsay

Prenatal Breastfeeding & Pumping

An introduction, IBCLC, on babies first latch and first few days. Topics will include baby behaviors, nipple care, and hygiene and pumping.

with Maggie

Prenatal Partners WORKSHOP

Consider a moment of time to bond with your birth partner to the deepest level, as you prepare for birth. Through breathing, meditation, yogic positions, massage, and loving intention, we will move through the dance of labor and birth; empowering your partner with tools to support birthing mama!

Bring a light snack and water to sustain you, while wearing stretchy clothing to move in.

*This workshop is additionally offered to Non-Members$160., CBO Members Rate-$130.

with Samantha

Safe Return to Fitness

This class is focused on the postpartum mama looking to return safely to fitness. Common conditions, signs, and symptoms to look out for will be discussed. Participants will be assessed for diastasis recti and given a beginning tool to start feeling re-connected to their body.

with Jen

The Sleep Dance: The Where & How's

We will discuss Shut-Eye. How much do we need as parents, lactating or not? How do we accumulate
more hours? Do we share our bed or not? How do we transition from the bed or night wean? How have
you done this dance and what has been ideal for you and your family?

with Samantha

The Traveling Child

Don’t despair! Traveling can be enjoyable and relaxing with your child, whether a babe, toddler, or older! Come learn how to prepare for traveling via plane, trains, ferries, and automobiles.

with Samantha

Conscious Vaccination

Should you or shouldn’t you vaccinate? With the current California law, and parents concerns of multiple vaccinations being given to infants, what will your family choice be? Do you have a supportive pediatrician to listen and support your family’s wishes?. Join Emily and Samantha to discuss their parenting journey, traversing through this dilemma, and hear some evidence based information, as well as, learn of supportive pediatric care.

with Samantha


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